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9:15-10:30 a.m. Tandava Yoga Moderate Flow Public Class


12:30-1:30 p.m. Home Studio Chair Yoga Private Class

5:30-6:45 p.m. Tandava Yoga Prenatal Yoga Public Class*

this is a pre-registered class that runs May 6 to June 24. Please call to register at 778.484.2255. Drop-ins welcome space permitting.


 7-8 p.m. Home Studio Roll On! Public*

* this is a 4-week pre-registered class. Please call to register at 250.864.8401. Drop-ins welcome space permitting. Please call ahead to sign up.


5:30-6:45 p.m. Tandava Yoga Gentle Yoga Public Class

I have a passion for sharing yoga’s many mind, body and energetic healing aspects with anyone open to learning and growth. Contact me at 250.864.8401 if you are interested in:

Public, Private or Semi-Private Yoga Classes

Meditation Classes & Workspace Seminars

Ayurvedic Health Assessment

Yin Yoga Training

Yoga Retreats


Please note: we've added a Partner Yoga time slot for 7-9 p.m. on Saturday the 14th. Space still available! We are now sold out for the 4-6 p.m. time slot. Call Jenn at 250-864-8401 to reserve your spot! We are filling up fast!

Read my recent article about Partner Yoga on the Yoga Warehouse website.



Roll On!

Relieve tight, sore areas of the body in this 60-minute foam-roller class set to soothing sonic beats.
Self-myofascial release (or SMFR) targets 'trigger points' in the muscles, releasing tension and toxins
while improving flexibility and blood flow. Give yourself a full body deep tissue massage without the expensive masseuse! Foam-rolling is the perfect complement to a dynamic strength-building yoga
practice, or activities like running, cycling and working out, which tighten and shorten muscles
leaving joints vulnerable to injury. Come get your roll on in a fun, relaxed small-group setting. 

4-class sessions/$60+gst 
Registration required. Small group class. Space is limited. 

Thursdays @ 7 p.m. Call to find out when the next session starts: 250-864-8401

Read my recent article about Foam Rolling on my Yogalicious! blog.


Prefer to learn one-on-one or in a small group setting? Jenn offers private and semi-private yoga classes and guided meditation sessions in her small, home-based studio, located near Pandosy Village.

Contact her at 250-864-8401 for more information or to set up an appointment today!

Private Session Rates:

1 session: $70 (+gst)
5 sessions: $320 (+gst)  save $30
10 sessions: $600 (+gst) save $100
Semi-Private Session Rates: (Max. 4 people) 1 session: $120 (+gst) 5 sessions: $485 (+gst) 10 sessions: $800 (+gst)

 Find one conveniently located in your area!

Yin Yoga Intensive Training

This six-hour intensive yin training is designed for anyone wanting to deepen their personal yin practice and/or build competence and confidence teaching and subbing yin classes. We will deconstruct the poses and practice; investigate how the unique stories in our bones and tissues influence joint range-of-motion; explore how we can use this information to build a safe, effective and individualized practice. We will also consider how cultivating “trust” in subjective experience and process can guide us back into balance, self-healing and power. This training includes components of anatomy, philosophy, group work, discussion and practice.The inner teacher-student-guide learns and grows through study, sangha and application of yin concepts to yoga asana, and attention paid to the psycho-spiritual work & processing that arises in practice. Read one participant's training experience and upcoming date/times below.

"Thank you sooooo much for the amazingly
delicious knowledge, insight and beauty into the yin world.
You're so full of love light
 and sweetness.
Thank you for having us in your home
 and feeding us mentally, physically and emotionally.
Eternally grateful for sharing your LOVE." ~ Julie Gibson

Yin Sanctuary

A nourishing two-hour candlelit yin practice for anyone wanting to dive deep into the “issues in their tissues.” Yin yoga targets the body’s Mother Matrix or fascial network - an intelligent, bio-dynamic system of healing & communications in our body that can bind or free us. We will get still and uncomfortable, widen our listening; drop into tension - and truth - then marinate until juicy. Yin qualities of receptivity and ahimsa (non-violence) combined with compassion, curiosity and courage in practice, can help lift stress, fatigue, chronic pain, self-limiting beliefs, grief and depression. Going yin-side will revitalize body, mind and heart, and free blocked chi or life-force (prana). Mmmm, so juicy! See dates/locations offered below.

Stay tuned for new dates in 2015!


To book a private or corporate yoga session call Jenn at 250.864.8401.

Corporate and not-for-profit clients:
TD Canada Trust (City Centre)
Good Samaritan's Society
Sherwood Park Festival Singers Society
Victoria School of the Arts
Ross Sheppard High School
Lorelei Elementary School
North Central Teachers Convention Assoc.
John Howard Society

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