Come om sweet om.


       My Latest Dig

Yoga is like digging for buried treasure ... or through yesterday's trash - for something you lost that's so precious it's worth being throat-chakra deep in old crap! Practice is perfect. It's enough. Just keep diving deep ... ploughing the depths to China, India or wherever life takes you. Do you dig? 

Jennifer Parks is a student of the Earth School. She is passionate about the practice of yoga - and part of her practice and life work is sharing these ancient yet timeless teachings with others.

A mat rat since 2001, Jenn first fell in love with how yoga made her feel; calm and grounded, yet exquisitely free, awake and alive!

This sensual romance quickly deepened into a strong, committed relationship. Under her beloved Ashtanga-inspired teacher Heather Watson, Jenn became a certified instructor in Edmonton in 2006. 

She left her gig as a Sun Media journalist to teach full time.

Furthering her training, Jenn completed Yin Yoga and Functional Anatomy with Joe Barnett, a student of Paul Grilley, in 2012. Since then she has facilitated several six-hour Yin Yoga Intensive Teacher Trainings. Increasingly pulled home toward the hidden, energetic and healing aspects of yoga, Jenn delved into the "sister science of yoga." In 2014, she took her Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy training in Hawaii. This initiation strengthened her view that balance and loving intention are the keys to building a sustainable yoga practice and a healthy, happy and harmonious life. Unlocking a series of inner shifts and a growing desire for community, that same year, Jenn became a Certified Samadhi Meditation Teacher in Edmonton under the guidance of Chopra Center-trained Vedic Master Mandy Trapp.

Today, Jenn teaches a mix of Hatha, Moderate Flow and Yin-style classes in studios around Kelowna, B.C., including Tandava Yoga and The Woman's Place. Pregnant with her first child, Jenn is embracing the journey to motherhood, and is now completing her Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training through Mamata Yoga. In the near future, she looks forward to running fall and spring retreats in Mother Nature and inspired yoga events in her community.

Jenn believes you can change your mind and heart to change your life; that conscious body and breath work in the mobile lab of your yoga practice can support anyone's involution and evolution. Says Jenn: "We are all on the journey back home."

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